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If you are looking for a great tour company, you can not go any further then CONIFER TRAVEL.

We have booked three holidays of three weeks duration and longer through Conifer Travel.

Once again Tung and Lai tailored our holiday to suit our requirements.
Private cars and hotels were excellent. Tung's attention to detail and his consideration for his clients needs together with his caring attitude, is what brings us back to this company for all our travel in this part of the world.
We thank Tung and Lai for their understanding and care of all our travel needs.
Ken and Colleen Mc Gowan

Viet Nam trip from 9th March to 30th March 2015
Date of Posting: 21 August 2015
Posted By: Ken and Colleen Mc Gowan - Beerwah Australia
Dear Tung,
Thank you very much for your mail!
Well arrived to Yangon and returned into daily life already.
I do appreciate for all of your arrangements and your professional care during our trip. Because of Conifer team, all of us enjoyed every single moment in Vietnam. The hotels you choose for us, the cars for the visits, and the train, all are perfect. The drivers are very helpful and attentive. The cruise you arranged in Halong Bay, Bai Tho Junk is also great. The trip to Ben Tre, Me Kong River is also an interesting trip. Excursion to Brick manufacturing factory and coconut candy home industry, listening to Mekong music, walking around the village and having lunch at village restaurant made our day too.
We all prefer Da Nang city very much. The city is clean, well decorated and it is unique because of Mountains, white sandy beach. It is really lovely city.
The tour guide in Ho Chi Minh City and the tour guide during Ben Tre trip were active, attentive and know how to make happy the guests.
Many thanks with best regards,
Nyein, Mon, Thin, Hnin and Phyai from Myanmar
Date of Posting: 10 August 2015
Posted By: Nyein Ei Ei Lwin, Yangon, Myanmar
Dear Tung,

We arrived home on schedule after a relaxing and enjoyable (although long) flight. Everyone is well except I still have the bad belly. Our stay with you was extremely enjoyable made possible by the way you planned and catered for our every wish. The joy of seeing and meeting up with Ken and Colleen in Hoi An will remain with me forever. Thank you very much.

I do hope that we will meet again (and I do intend to keep in contact via
email) and rest assured that I will praise Mr "Why Not" who is the worst tour guide in the world.

Say hello to Lai for us and pat Lucky, the luckiest dog in the world.

From the four of us, thank you is not enough.


Darryl, Marcelle, Lyn and Al.
Vietnam trip from 23rd March to 5th April 2015
Date of Posting: 07 April 2015
Posted By: Darryl Anderson Australia
Hello Tung,

I will rate them out of 10 being the highest and 1 the lowest,

1/ Accommodations:
+ In Laos:
a/ Satri Hotel in Luang Prabang 9
b/ Victoria Xiengthong Palace 9
c/ Riverside Boutique Resort in Vang Vieng 9 a/ Melia Hotel in Ha Noi 9 b/ Bai Tho Junk on Ha Long Bay 7.5 c/ Victoria Sapa Resort in Sapa 9 d/ Victoria Hoi An Resort in Hoi An 9.5 e/ La Residence Hotel in Hue 9 f/ Caravelle Hotel in Sai Gon 8.5
+ In Cambodia:
a/ Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa in Siem Reap 8.5 b/ Intercontinental Hotel in Phnom Penh 7 2/ Guiding services:
a/ Guide in Laos 8.5
b/ Guides in Viet Nam:
- Tung 9.5
- Minh 7.5
c/ Guides in Cambodia Siem Reap 8.5
Phnom Penh 7.0
3/ Drivers in Laos, Viet Nam and Cambodia all 9 Saigon, After our first day I had to request a larger vehicle has I could not seat straight.

Sightseeing spots 9.5
5/ Overall comments

It was a great and interesting trip. We loved the diversity of all different regions and countries. We thought the trip was well organized and also like yours and the other guides flexibility. We have learn so much from Indochina culture which is quite fascinating. Thank you so much for everything.

Happy New Year and best of luck with all your wishes,

Joanne and Richard Lemay
Laos-Vietnam-Cambodia trip from 17th Jan. to 14th Feb.2015
Date of Posting: 24 February 2015
Posted By: Richard Lemay, Ottawa, Canada
Dear Tung

We throughroughly enjoyed all the guidance and services you provided for us on our most wonderful journey to Cambodia (Siem Reap), and several locations in Viet Nam.

The Guides who met us at every stopping point were prompt and available and were cheerful and helpful in every way. All the drivers were professional and we felt in good hands at every turn.

The accomodations were perfectly suited to our tastes and budget. Especially enjoyed the Hotels in Hanoi and Saigon and the bungalows at the Sea Star in Phu Quoc were delightful. The staff at all l ocations were exceptionally kind and helpful. Personally, I would
choose the newer more modern wing of the Chau Long Hotel in Sapa. (which I did upon arrival).

I found the Overnight train interesting, and an adventure, but, frankly not providing a very good nights sleep. I would instead choose a driver (as we did for the route home) during the daylight hours on the newly opened Highway as it takes half the time and seeing the beauty of the countryside along the river is really lovely. Its a great new highway!

The Red Dragon cruise on Halong Bay and overnight was a high point indeed! A wonderful ship, great great service and wonderful hositality of the crew and the Chef constantly turned out amazing courses for dining....I would highly recommend this part of the trip to anyone.

All in all a wonderful trip and thanks to you and your planning and guidance a memorable trip that I will never forget. I would be glad to recommend you and your colleagues to any friends travelling to your region.

Many Many Thanks,

Ms. MacKenzie Elisabeth Phillips
Ms. Virginia Ellen Phillips
Ms. Sally Matlack Gardner
Ms. Jeri Jill Meltzer
Mr. Marcus Wilhelm Lundell
From The United States
Cambodia-Viet Nam trip from 26th Nov. to 12nd Dec.2014
Date of Posting: 21 December 2014
Posted By: Marcus Lundell - Key West, Florida
A warm hello from Vienna,
Thank you so much for the pictures, they are good memory of our days together!!!
As promised we are going to send you a report of our journey through Indonesia:
1. Hotels:
all Hotels were excellent apart from the Silverin in Bajawa. it was promised to have a VIP room, we got the last, smallest and most shabby one. The bed was not a double bed and the bathroom with WC was very basic. We have photos for documentation. I am sure there are better hotels in this town. Hotel Edelweis seemed to be much nicer, but was fully booked.
2. Cars and Pick up from Airport:
were in all locations excellent and always clean. Water was provided, in Bali after our request.
3. Drivers:
excellent, helpful and friendly
4. Guides: friendly and cooperative, apart from the one in Jogja the others did not understand a lot of English.
5. Food: excellent apart from Bali where they took us to very touristic places especially not with Indonesian food (for example we went to a sober and rather run down Chinese restaurant with Chinese tourist groups and became seafood although the guide told us that he spoke with the restaurant in advance) Bali was the only place where we were not treated as individuals but as any other group coming with buses.
Although we told the guide to take us to another restaurant he said that the agency ordered the food already. My wish not to have seafood was not respected.
In Bali - only there - we had the feeling that the agency just takes the money and does not much care about us and our wishes. When we complained about the Chinese restaurant we got as compensation an extra payment for a dinner in Ubud which was half of the real and reasonable bill, but better than nothing. They probably fully deducted the bill in their accounts.

All together we had a wonderful trip, well organized and we saw a lot.

In Flores we did not do the tour to the Volcano as there was definitely no time. So the agency should be aware to plan the tour better as they should know what is possible and what not.

Lots of greetings and once again thank for having come to Singapore.

Indonesia trip from 1st August to 21st August 2014
Date of Posting: 28 August 2014
Posted By: Barbara and Christoph Petsch
Dear Tung,

A big thank you to you and Lai for arranging our second tour with your company CONIFER TRAVEL.

We had another wonderful and memorable trip. We had a worry free holiday, everything ran like clockwork from the time we arrived in Saigon. We expected nothing less, having had you take care of our every need while touring with your company in 2013.

We asked you to arrange a 4 week relaxing holiday to the areas in central Vietnam, that we enjoyed so much last year.

Da Nang/Hoi An/DaLat. You know we look for good service comfort and good breakfast's and we got that,in the 4 and 5 star hotels, that you chose for us.

We had many dining experiences with you and Lai at top restaurants in Da Nang and Hoi An. Our day trips were great,and thank you to Long our driver in Da Nang and Hoi An for his safe driving. We would also like to thank Minh and Mai in Saigon.

We can certainly recommend Conifer Travel to arrange any holiday that fits your needs.

Thank you again Tung and Lai we will be booking another tour with you in 2015.

Fond Regards,
Ken and Colleen McGowan
Viet Nam trip from 28th May to 25th June 2014.
Date of Posting: 28 July 2014
Posted By: Ken and Colleen McGowan
Beerwah, Queensland, Australia
Dear Tung;
We are pleased to provide you with our feedback on the Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia tour your company arranged on our behalf. Overall, we are entirely satisfied with the program you arranged for us. As in any endeavor, there are areas that could be improved. Our feedback focuses on the five areas you asked for comment; namely, Guides and Drivers, Accommodation, Meals, Itinerary and Overall Comments.

Excellent in all respects. They were all courteous and dependable—always on time. We were most impressed with the depth of knowledge all guides had in their country’s history and the areas we visited. We also appreciated the guides’ ability to make last minute changes to the program or to arrange alternative visits to meet our requests.

Inthasak Guest House, Luang Prabang, Laos. Pleasant and acceptable accommodation. Location was far from centre of town which precluded a visit to the Night Market as recommended in the itinerary. However your guide provided us with an unscheduled opportunity and drive to visit the market on the evening of Day 2.
Thavonsouk Resort, Vang Vien, Laos. Strange hotel; mattress covered with heavy plastic sheeting; hot and cold water supply was sporadic. Location was good and allowed for pleasant evening walks in surrounding area.
Mixay Paradise Hotel, Vientiane, Laos. Initial room assigned was far from a ‘Deluxe Room’; it was very, very small, but with pressure they moved us to a larger room.
Luminous Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam. Excellent hotel with great staff. Excellent location allowing us to enjoy the locale on foot.
Sapa Panorama Hotel, Sapa, Vietnam. The initial hotel reservation was at the Hoang Ha Hotel, Sapa. This might have been a grand hotel in its day, but it certainly was not acceptable to us. The weather during our stay was cold and foggy, and the room was very cold. They also wanted to charge us $5US per day for a heater. To the credit of our guide he recognized how bad the situation was and without any pressure from us arranged accommodation at the Sapa Panorama Hotel. This was an excellent hotel and with excellent views, when the fog lifted, of the Indo-China Alps.
Orchid Hotel, Hue, Vietnam. Excellent hotel with very pleasant staff.
Hoang Trinh Hotel, Hoi An, Vietnam. Excellent hotel; would have enjoyed an extra day or two here with time for relaxation on the beach.
Angkor Villa Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia. An excellent hotel but located far from the center of town; compensated to a certain extent by the availability of a swimming pool, which we used after our daily tours.
Princess Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Well situated, good hotel; very pleasant staff.

Breakfasts provided by all hotels were most satisfactory. While the range of choices varied from none to a major buffet, we always managed to start our day with a good first meal. Lunches and locations were excellent. We enjoyed the set course meals, although they tend to become repetitive especially when the evening meal is provided and is another set course meal similar to the lunch meal. We would have preferred that the included meal was dinner rather than lunch. The latter was very filling and made our afternoons a little sluggish. Our guide made this switch for us on a couple of occasions when lunch was provided in the hotel we were staying in. Another option we enjoyed was when the hotel allowed us to switch from the set course meal to another meal of equal value.

Overall we were thoroughly pleased with the itinerary you arranged for us in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Memories of the sights seen and the accompanying dialogue provided by the guides, you included, will remain with us forever. There was some repetition of sites visited and minor glitches, the latter though were always quickly rectified by you and/or the other guides. The following observations and comments are offered for your consideration. Remember though, these thoughts come from two septuagenarians one (me) with a bad knee so might not be relevant to future younger clients.
Laos, Day 1 to 3. A great start to our tour. The Baci dinner ceremony was most enjoyable, but would have been better scheduled the day after our arrival. The Kuang Sy Falls were an amazing sight, but we had to forego the climb to the top of Mount Phousi, due to my knee problem. Your guide however, substituted a visit to another temple which provided us with a spectacular view of the countryside including Mount Phousi in the distance. The Day 3 program was outstanding. The boat trip on the Mekong River was excellent and the elephant ride quite an experience.
Laos, Day 4. Our day started early with our participation in the morning ritual of passing milk and money to the monks from the temple across the road from our guest house. This was not in our program and we highly recommend that you provide this option to participate in this ceremony to future clients. Other than this interesting start, the rest was really a wasted day. Some of the villages we had visited the day before, and others were too remote to get to by foot. The Nam Khan River crossing was a quick five minute trip in a quaint fisherman’s boat that first had to be bailed out. On the other side it was a steep climb to the top with no steps in sandy soil. I practically had to be pulled up by the guide and my wife. Once on the top we started walking on a trail through a forest with nothing to see but trees. After about 1km the trail met a road and the guide purchased some much needed water from a small store and we rested. When the guide said we had about another 2 kms to walk, we said no thank you and we backtracked, drove to our lunch location and then back to the hotel. Your description in the itinerary that “The cruise passes some rural villages and rice fields…” implied that we would be travelling in the fishing boat. In retrospect we would have cut short our time in Luang Prabang by one day and added it on to our time in either Hue, Hoi An or Phnom Penh.
Laos, Day 5 to 7. Some interesting exposure to Vang Vieng and surrounding area. The visit to the Vang Vieng Organic Farm did not warrant a full day commitment. On reflection we would have reduced our time in Vang Vieng by one day.
Laos, Day 8 to 10. The time spent in Vientiane was not the best part of our trip. There was duplication/repetition of visits to temples and markets. Thanks again to your guide who added a visit at my request to the famous Victory Gate erected in 1962 to commemorate the independence of Laos from France. This monument is often referred to as the vertical runway because the funds for its construction were reportedly provided by the USA for the building of a runway at Vientiane Airport.
Vietnam, Day 11 and 12. The combination of an excellent hotel and excellent location made our stay in Hanoi one of the highlights of our trip. We enjoyed walking the streets of the old quarter after the day’s program was over. The tour by pedicab was quite an experience especially since we had a much longer ride than arranged because the driver forgot where our hotel was located. We did not participate in the bicycle ride on Day 12 because of my knee problem, so drove directly to the pier for the sampan ride which was a most pleasant two hour excursion. A visit not in the itinerary that was arranged by our guide at my request was a visit to the Hanoi Hilton. This museum contains some very interesting artifacts and displays. We recommend you include this stop as an option for future clients.
Vietnam, Day 13 and 14. The overnight boat ride in Ha Long Bay was a real treat. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperative, so swimming or sunbathing on the upper deck was out of the question. Two minor points for your attention. When we arrived at the pier to embark on the tender for the trip to the boat, our guide asked us which suitcase or backpack was going on the boat and which was staying in the van. He had not advised us of this requirement the day before and thus we had to do some last minute shuffling between bags to ensure we had what was needed for the overnight onboard. As it was, it was an unnecessary move since there was plenty of room in our cabin on board for both suitcase and backpack. Secondly, the boat staff did not accept credit cards. An important point to note since wine was $30US per bottle.
Vietnam, Day 15 to 19. A wonderful experience on the overnight trains to and from Lao Cai and throughout our time in the Indo-China Alps. The markets, including the water buffalo market, visits to ethnic villages the long drives between Lao Cai up the mountain roads to Sapa and views of rice paddies en route were most interesting. Notwithstanding the cold and foggy weather, we certainly enjoyed this phase of our trip. Two issues with regard to our return overnight train ride. When our guide gave us our tickets in Lao Cai, we noticed that we were both assigned upper bunks. This was unacceptable to us for obvious reasons. To his credit, the guide was able to change the tickets and provide us with lower berths reservations. Secondly, for Day 19 the itinerary stated “Welcome at Ha Noi railway station, have breakfast at a local ‘PHO’ restaurant then transfer to Ha Noi airport for your flight to Hue.” with a scheduled departure of 13:30. What it didn’t say was that the train arrived in Hanoi at 0430 in the morning before any restaurant was even open. Again, here was another example of the initiative of your guides. Your Hanoi guide who we had met during our earlier Hanoi stay was at the train station at that ungodly hour to meet us once again. He knew immediately the problem and said he would find us a hotel room. He was able to get us back into the same hotel we had stayed in previously. And we thank you once again for absorbing the cost of this unexpected accommodation and breakfast.
Vietnam, Day 20 to 22. Would have preferred an extra day in both Hue and Hoi An. Would have also enjoyed some beach time in Hoi An. We enjoyed all the tours and visits and your personal expertise and explanations at each site. We remember particularly well the visit to the rice paddy museum and the demonstrations by the eighty year old female curator. Most amazing! Our evening walks in the old town of Hue An were most pleasant. Now if you could just disconnect the horns on the motorbikes…..
Cambodia, Day 23 to 26. Another highlight of our trip, the visit to Angkor Wat, and all the associated temples. A bit of duplication but most enthralling and awe inspiring regardless. In our research we had been advised to visit Angkor Wat early in the day to avoid the crowds and hot weather, thus we were surprised when our guide said he would pick us up at 0800 for the long ride from Siem Reap. We suggested we should go earlier and convinced him to pick us up at 0700. We are pleased we did so, because by the time we finished our visit around 10:30, the crowds and tour buses were arriving in force and also the temperature was beginning to rise. The boat trip to the floating village and great lake Tonle Sap was most informative. Observing the construction of the housing on stilts and the rice paddies en route both ways was an eye-opener.
Cambodia, Day 27 to 28. We would have enjoyed another day in Phnom Penh. Of course a major part of our visit was the visit to the Toul Sleng Museum and the Killing Fields. It’s hard to understand the atrocities that took place, but one should be exposed to what took place in order to somehow inculcate in future generations the horrors of genocide. Special thanks, once again to your guide who arranged a special boat trip for us on the Mekong River that was not on the itinerary. Besides passing the Titanic Restaurant where we had another excellent and most enjoyable set course lunch, we also passed by the permanent fishing boat village adjacent to the major construction that is taking place on the waterfront. We recommend you offer this trip as an option for future clients.

To reiterate our opening comment, we are entirely satisfied with the program you arranged for us and are more than willing to endorse and support any advertising on your company’s website or elsewhere. We appreciated your frequent contact by e-mail. We know full well and thank you for the frequent interaction you made on behalf of the guides to resolve last minute issues that arose. Thank you in particular for your personal guiding expertise in Hue and Hoi An. It was a pleasure to meet you and we thank you for your parting gift which is now hanging in my office.
Yours sincerely,
Richard and Leonora Duffield
Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia trip from 31st Jan.2014 to 27th Feb. 2014.
Date of Posting: 01 May 2014
Posted By: Richard and Leonora Duffield
Dear Tung,
I’m so sorry it took me so long to get back to you following our wonderful tour of Angkor Wat. Our guide was absolutely fantastic. He was so knowledgeable, flexible, pleasant, dependable, creative, could not have asked for anything better. I’m afraid Mary Lou and I really overestimated our energy levels when we had agreed to have dinners out at night, as opposed to staying at our beautiful hotel. Our guide was extremely accommodating. He knew exactly when and where to take us in order to avoid the crowds and the heat, was always willing to change the agenda as we needed, and always gave us interesting options. We felt lucky and privileged to have him with us, and the driver was equally pleasant and solicitous. Thank you so much for arranging this. We hope to have the opportunity of dealing with you again soon. It was absolutely first class.
Nicole Chenier-Cullen and Mary-Lou Kingsbury Angkor Wat tour from 26th March to 29th March 2014
Date of Posting: 21 April 2014
Posted By: Nicole Chenier-Cullen and Mary-Lou Kingsbury
Dear Tung,
We would like to thank you and your company and your partner companies very much indeed for a wonderful trip. We were very impressed with the overall organisation and with how smoothly everything worked out. The programme was well put together and thanks to the guides and their drivers we were able to see an awful lot is such a short time. The programme was varied and allowed us to see many ancient holy sites, as well as to hear about customs and learn about handcrafts and watch these skills being practiced. We enjoyed our visits to markets and shops.
The guide in Mandalay, Mrs. Zin Wai Khaing was by far the best. She has excellent command of English and is truly knowledgeable and informative, both in terms of history and the flora and fauna of her country, but also in terms of the current situation. It was a great pleasure for us to be in her company for two days and can heartily recommend her!
On day 4, Wed, Jan 8, there was a slight problem in that our guide did not seem to know what had been agreed upon. He wanted to take us to different sites in Bagan, but we insisted that he take us to Mt. Popa and he seemed surprised that this was even on the programme. After a discussion with his office over the phone, he took us there, but there was clearly no advance reservation made for lunch at the Popa Mountain Resort, so we returned to Bagan for lunch. The rest of the day went well, but there was no sunset cruise along the Ayeyarwaddy River - the guide never mentioned this and we didn't want to insist. So, clearly there had been some miscommunication about that day.
All the other days went according to plan.We loved our time at Inle Lake and the guide took us to a local restaurant on the water for lunch, where we enjoyed authentic local food.
This was perhaps our only disappointment; we didn't get enough authentic Myanmar food. We presume that this is because guides think Western tourists want a certain kind of restaurant and will not like hot food. My daughters are very interested in cooking, however, and found it a bit sad that almost everywhere the food was the same, regardless of whether we ordered Chinese, Thai or Myanmar cuisine - it didn't seem to make any difference at all! We learned from this that for a future trip it would perhaps be better not to include dinner in our package and to go off and choose restaurants on our own - it may be less convenient, but it would enable us to try different things.Don't get me wrong - I know that all the guides meant well and did their best to choose restaurants for us, they just didn't know what we would have liked.
We were very impressed how well our guide in Bangkok managed to get us to the hotel despite the barriers and in the end we were able to follow the programme and go to the floating market and the Grand Palace, as planned, so all was well.
Thank you very much indeed for your help and planning and for always responding to all my questions so rapidly!
With best wishes,
Date of Posting: 07 February 2014
Posted By: Susanne Lehne & the family
Myanmar-Bangkok trip from 5th Jan. to 14th Jan.2014

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